• About Me 

    Buckhannon, Robert Las Vegas is a dedicated physician who cares deeply about his patients. When it comes to maintaining good health, he thinks it all starts with a good doctor-patient connection.


    The Beginnings


    During his formative years, Robert Buckhannon spent his time in the Valley of the Sun. He was the eldest of three children, including a younger brother and sister. As a child, he watched his mother fight a life-threatening disease. She got better in the end. Robert, though, was profoundly affected by it. He will always remember the kindness of those who cared for his mother and consider a career in medicine as a result. He intended to follow through on his word at some point.




    Buckhannon earned a BS in Biology from the University of Arizona. After graduating from high school, he enrolled in the Medical School at the University of Nevada. It has been more than 50 years since the institution gained its reputation for its rigorous teaching of future medical professionals. Buckhannon says he's glad he attended the school and is now a graduate of it. For the sake of connecting with his patients, he decided to specialize in family medicine. He says he aimed to be their go-to doctor. Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada is where he finished his residency.




    After finishing medical school, Buckhannon started working for Vegas HealthCare. Years later, he went into private practice. He started his own practice and now, after ten years, he says he knows he made the right decision. His patients like that he doesn't rush through their appointments and instead takes the time to get to know them. He likes working independently in a comfortable setting.


    Job Responsibilities


    Robert Buckhannon Las Vegas has a wide range of responsibilities as a general practitioner. He says that the variety of his workdays is what keeps him motivated.


    Healthcare Precautions


    Robert's work description includes a component that requires him to practice preventative medicine. Preventative care relies heavily on regular checkups. It's not always possible to succeed in life without one. They are advised as part of preventative care because of their positive effect on patient health. An annual physical may consist of a thorough examination and customary blood work. A doctor will work with the patient to develop a treatment plan if any problems are found during a physical examination. In an interview, Buckhannon emphasized how much he appreciates this part of his work. When asked why his mother always stressed the importance of appearance, he quotes the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." He still uses those words as a guide in his daily life.


    Sudden Illnesses


    Of course, he also treats a large number of people in acute distress. Some examples of these are the common cold, stomach bugs, and respiratory infections. Because of this facet of his employment, he is able to assist his patients in fixing their immediate issues. His intent is to have them feeling better as quickly as possible.


    Constant Illnesses


    Patients with long-term conditions are also seen by Buckhannon. Rather of seeking a cure, these situations call for an emphasis on treatment and care. Managing and treating chronic conditions can be challenging for both the patient and medical professionals. He thinks that treating patients with respect and compassion might help them heal, despite the fact that it is difficult. Disorders including diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are examples of chronic illnesses. It is common practice to prescribe medication for this type of disease, and patients frequently see their doctors to track their progress and adjust their dosages as needed.




    In order to keep one's sanity, according to Buckhannon, a doctor should take part in some sort of hobby. Over the years, he has observed that his coworkers who did not have interests were more prone to become burned out. Researchers in the field of obstetrics and gynecology found that 75 percent of working mothers felt they didn't have enough time to pursue personal interests.


    Exciting Nighttime Activities, Including Dancing


    Buckhannon counts dancing as one of his most cherished pastimes. A wide range of musical and rhythmic genres appeal to him. Even if tango is his favorite dance, electronic dance music is his guilty pleasure.




    He is an avid reader as well. For him, reading is a way to indulge his passion for knowledge, he says. He is interested in psychology and neuroscience research published in medical journals. The range of his reading interests, though, extends beyond nonfiction. Additionally, he enjoys the works of Dan Brown and Mark Twain. He finds that reading fiction like this allows him to escape into his own world of make-believe.




    Robert Buckhannon of Las Vegas, Nevada, says he is convinced by the health benefits of meditation. He outlines the scientific evidence supporting the claim that meditation can help with both stress and anxiety. It's not just those advantages, though. Negative feelings can be tempered and fresh insights gained through meditation. Imagination, creativity, and concentration can all benefit from this.




    He, too, is taking part in the drill. Physical activity is essential to mental and physical well-being. He says his favorite hobbies include Tai chi, cycling, and swimming.